4 Causes for poor math performance

For a long time Math has been looked at as one of the most difficult subject to pass. Let us tell you a reality – Math is very easy as it is plainly and completely logical. If you know the method & formulas and the ways to apply them, you could never be wrong. It is one of those few subjects which gives you the opportunity to be 100% right and correct.

Many parents, teachers and students try real hard to find ways to make the subject easier but we feel these attempts would be pointless and fruitless if the real reasons of the poor performance or failure aren’t identified. So here are some of the reasons

  1. The technique of Teaching

Math is a subject that is supposed to be taught in the way it is – easily and logically. Complicating the formulas and the process of solving a problem will in turn create more problems for the students. This may result into students finding the subject very difficult or not remembering how to solve a particular equation in hand. If this happens the fear of the subject easily gets instigated in the student’s mind. Bad teaching is majorly responsible for poor performance of the students in the subject, hence the teacher needs to have an in-depth knowledge.

  1. Attitude

Getting stressed out or tensed before even trying to attempt to study the subject is completely wrong. Your approach towards the subject should be that of a learner, look at it as a fun challenge to take up. If you have a bad attitude towards learning math or any subject for that matter, you will always find it difficult.

  1. Lack of Focus or short attention span

Math is a subject that requires focus and attention. If your attention is all over the place or if you are one of those who gets distracted very easily then you may have a real tough time in understanding the concepts or executing them. Concentrating on the subject while you are being taught is the first step towards understanding the subject and if you understand the subject and its concepts well, you find it super easy.

  1. Doubting your self

Self-doubt is the biggest vice. It hampers your progress in all the ways whether you are trying to pass in a subject or trying to achieve some other life goal. Peer pressure also plays a role in the generation of self-doubt. Students also rely on fluke. One of the easy ways to remove self-doubt is to stop overthinking about a math problem and just go and solve it. Practice will make you perfect and make the self- doubt disappear.

At Takalkar classes we have a great staff with in-depth knowledge for teaching this amazing subject and also we make sure we make our students practice a lot of sums so as to eradicate self-doubt and make them love the subject and imbibe confidence in them.