4 Signs Of a Great Teacher

Good students are a result of great teachers. A teachers is highly responsible for shaping up the life and career of a student. He or she is also responsible for generating interest amongst the students regarding a particular subject. Hence it becomes very vital for the teachers to be a) well-versed with the subject they are teaching b) be good at teaching. Teachers have a great influence on the life of students be it kindergarten or college.

Here are some signs that makes a person a great teacher 

  1. Efficiency at Managing a Class – 
    Managing students can really be tough at times whether it is kindergarten kids, high school kids or college pupils. A teacher who possesses good ‘student-management’ skills ensures good behavior in the class and also ensures discipline and decorum. This teacher is also able to inculcate good habits amongst the students and is able to see that the entire class progresses well in their exams and excels in studies.
  2. Powerful and Strong Connection with the Students – 
    A good teacher always has a strong rapport with the students. This bond helps the students to be open in front of the teachers and also helps them understand the subject better. Building a strong connection also helps the teacher to build a trustworthy relationship with the students and this benefits all.
  3. Captivating Personality –
    It is very important for a teacher to be able to captivate the students in the topic or the subject and to be able to hold their attention. Students tend to lose their interest or find their minds wandering elsewhere in the class. Hence it becomes the responsibility of the teacher to keep their minds in the class by being engaging and captivating.
  4. Being Expert at a Subject –
    Young minds are very curious as well as bright, hence they come up with various questions and twisted difficulties. It becomes the duty and the responsibility of the teacher to answer those questions and provide satisfactory solutions to the students for all their subject related queries. For that the teacher needs to have a good study and deep knowledge of the subject. Teachers should keep updating their knowledge about their respective subjects and things related to it.

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