4 Tips on how to write exams to come out with flying colours

‘Exam’ is a draconian word which every student is scared of. In this blog we will try to reduce the fear factor a little. First of all it is very important to study for an exam and be consistent at it. Consistency helps even the average students to outperform anyone. When you know what you have to write in your answer then it is easier to score good marks and when you understand the concepts of the topic it is easier to remember the answers.

The environment in the exam hall may seem scary but need not worry, in this article we will tell you some basic tips on how to write your answers and how to present them. This will surely reduce your stress to great degree.

Here are some simple tips.

  1. Read the entire question paper the moment you get it!

The moment you get the question paper in your hands keep aside 5 minutes to read the entire question paper and tick mark all the questions that you are going to attempt. This will save you the time which you spend in choosing the questions to be answered and also gives an idea of the question paper.

  1. Good Handwriting is a must

To get good marks having a good, spacious, neat and clean handwriting is a must. As far as answers are concerned, handwriting is one of the major facets that get you marks and there are no two ways about it.

  1. Underlining / Presentation

Underlining the important points makes the teacher focus on the important points that you have covered in your answer and this definitely helps you to get better marks. It also creates a good impression. So always underline main words or points and also as far as Math is concerned box the answers.

  1. Diagrams, Bar Charts, Graphs

Wherever required make sure you give pictorial representation of your answers so that the whole paper looks good and also the teacher comes to know about your knowledge in the subject. This is a great practice in boosting your marks.

These are some of the basic rules to follow while writing exams. Being one of the best coaching classes in Pune, at Takalkar classes we make sure students follow these rules in the tests and exams that we held thus ensuring top notch performances and great results.