5 Ways to improve concentration in students

Concentration is a must not only for kids but for everyone.  It is about taking the focus off from all other things running around you and be able to focus on one thing for a long time. It is controlled by many factors and is different to each individual. Here are some methods which can help you to improve concentration.

  1. Focus and Brain games

We know everyone is addicted to games, so instead of the ones that waste your time you can indulge in brain games. The games that involve word building and sequencing game help a great deal in improving concentration. Some of these games are Puzzles, Sudoku, Finding differences and Memory game.


  1. Some free time to develop focus

Continuous studying is a strict no-no. It will make your brain work extra and drain it out soon. Hence a break time to stop and retaliate on what you have done is important. In your break time you can even forget about studies for a while so as to give your brain some rest. Brain is an organ that needs rest and works wonders with proper rest. This helps the you memorise the subjects studied previously. Also increases the concentration level.

  1. Environment

It is important to sit and study in a good environment which keeps you away from distraction. Find a good comfortable corner, put some good light on to keep the surrounding and the vision clear and fresh, have water besides you and you are good to go.

  1. Food and sleep habits

A healthy diet and a proper amount of sleep is a must for every human being.  A healthy diet for a student should always include fresh fruits, vegetables and timely consumption of water. Junk food and carbonated drinks are a big no. Sleeping 6-7 hours in a day is ideal for the student.

  1. Exercise

In this era of junk food madness and unhealthy meal, exercise has become an important part of the day. Exercise keeps you stress free and helps you concentrate more, as it energises your brain and helps to enhance your thinking ability.

At Takalkar classes we follow all the ways, means and tricks to help students improve their concentration level so as to keep up with the competition as well as the mounting load of studies.