6 Study hacks that will come handy

Studying is a part of your life which never ends, having said that studying is the major part of your school and college life. Many people follow various techniques, methods and ways to study in order to understand the concepts or even memorise certain things. Best methods are those which are easily applicable and help your brain to grasp the concepts and remember them and ultimately help you do better in exams.

Here are some of those hacks…

  1. Exercise or Meditate

Exercising not only has a great effect on your body but also your brain. It energises your brain thus increasing its power to absorb and remember information. Even a quick and short workout helps in pumping nutrients and oxygen to the brain which in turn boosts the brain power and its abilities.

  1. Read/Speak loudly

This may totally sound childish but it does have a great effect and helps greatly in remembering things. This method helps brain to retain the things it has been fed. (Though a crowded library or a public places are a strict no-no to try out this method)

  1. Write/Draw

Jotting down points that you read, highlighting important pointers or even making easy and simple diagrams or charts help the brain in a huge way to understand and remember the concepts and topics for a long while. Writing or drawing creates a visual memory which stays for a long time and can easily be recalled in the exams.

  1. Keep distractions at Bay!

When you study, keep your phone aside so that your social media apps such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat will not affect or deviate your brain in anyway. Stay away from television for at least a few hours before studies so that while studying your mind won’t wander in the direction of the programs you saw. Studying in a quiet environment helps you to grasp and finish the topics to be covered in a quicker manner than studying in a not so quiet environment.

  1. Sleep Well, Indulge in Power Naps, And Take Breaks!

Your brain needs rest to retain everything that has been stuffed in it (we know the portions are really vast) hence never ever compromise on your sleep time. Power naps also help a great deal in refreshing your brain and don’t hesitate to take sufficient amount of breaks in between studies.

  1. Set a Time-Table

Managing time is the most important factor. Have an idea of all your subjects and the amount of portions your need to cover and set a time-table accordingly. Sticking to your time table will help your finish off the topics on time and also give your free time for yourself.

These are some of the easy hacks that go a long way, so wait no more and go on with these tips and let us know the results… At Takalkar classes we make sure that to maintain our name of being of the best classes for 11th and 12th science in Pune and even for high-school, we help our students in benefiting from these hacks!